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About GPS Audio Tours

GPS Audio Tours

The best way to see Southern California is on a self-guided GPS audio tour… you can take in the sights and notice the little things you would otherwise miss.

When you join a walking or driving tour, you normally join a group. That group assembles at specific times and moves at the pace the tour guide dictates. You lose the joy of the freedom to be spontaneous on the tour.

It is important to follow your passions and a tour guide may make suggestions and provide guidance, but ultimately the decision should be yours. You should not be swayed by what the guide recommends if it is not something that you are passionate about. Instead, take the time to explore and find the activities and experiences that truly excite and interest you.

TourFreely’s walking or driving tours gives you the freedom to explore at your own pace. You can start at any time and stop whenever and wherever you like, for as long as you like. You don’t even need to hit pause. The app uses your location to play audio automatically, at exactly the right time and place, and when you start moving again, playback will too. It also gives you directions, making it much easier to immerse yourself in your surroundings, not the screen.


How does the tour work?

As you walk or drive, the app on your phone tracks your location. All you have to do is follow along the tour route and enjoy the beauty and the tour stories through your mobile device.

How long are the tours?

It will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes depending on your pace and stops. Remember this is Tour Freely – so feel free to skip ahead or pause as often as you like. The location tracker will pick back up along the route. We want you to enjoy the tour – your style!

How do I download the app to start the tour?

Step #1 Download the VoiceMap app from the AppStore (iPhones and suitable iPads,) or Google Play (Android) stores. Please have your account username and password ready.

Step #2  Search for one of our tours. Click to download the tour app. To buy an app, tap the price on the right side of the screen, then tap Buy. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transaction and get started.

  • For iPhone users- What if you see a cloud icon? That means you have already purchased the app and you can download again, without charge. If you need support in downloading the app: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204266

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes – A FULLY charged phone. Location services use your battery up faster. Your phone needs to stay charged throughout the tour. 

Bring headphones. If you don’t have headphones, you can listen through the phone’s speaker or your car’s speaker for our driving tours.

Lastly, bring your adventurous spirit and a smile to pass along to fellow explorers!

How do I preview the tour before I go?

You can listen to the audio commentary points before you go, or after you come back if you are trying to remember something from the tour.

We don’t recommend manually tapping your way all through the tour before you go as the audio is designed to be experienced while you are visiting the destination and seeing the sights!

iPhone and iPad

Tap on the Browse Tour button (scroll down home screen). This will take you to the map.

Tap the arrow icons with your finger. An audio box will open – tap the play symbol to hear the audio.

Drag the map using one finger. Use your thumb and forefinger in a pinching motion (to zoom out) or spread motion (to zoom in) on the map.

Once you are driving the route, the screen automatically centers your location (blue dot) on the screen. Zoom out so you can see your location, in relation to the recommended start points and audio points.


Select Start Tour and then Preview Tour.

Tap the arrow icons with your finger. An audio box will open – tap the play symbol to hear the audio.

Drag the map around with your finger. Tap anywhere on the map screen to see the +/- symbol.  Tap this to zoom the map in or out.

Once you start the route, the screen automatically centers your location (blue dot) on the screen. Zoom out so you can see your location, in relation to the recommended start points and audio points.

What if the tour app won’t fully download?

Downloading on a reliable Wi-fi network is required. You may have limitations in downloading using a hot spot or a tether to create a Wi-fi signal. We recommend downloading before you leave your home or hotel.

You can find free Wi-fi service Starbucks, McDonalds or at some a local coffee shops.

Is there a time limit to use the tour?

You do not need to use the tour within a time limit. There is no limit on how many times you use the tour and you have it for life.

Do I have to do the tour in order?

No – We have carefully designed the tour for the best experience. However, it’s not a problem to go out of order. The GPS trigger will kick in when you approach one of the stops.

Are the tours suitable for children?

Yes – they are suitable for children who enjoy local history. You’ll need to determine if the FULL tour is appropriate for your children. 

Are the tours suitable for wheelchair users?

The tours are mostly wheelchair accessible. There may be some special instructions for a couple sections of the tours.  Additionally, there may be steep hills. We are aware that there may be special requirements. We want our tours to be accessible as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 858-634-9100 or at mindy@TourFreely.com.

What if I have problems with the app?

If you follow the set up instructions with app – you should not have any problems.

Each tour app contains a Help section in the menu. This covers all the most important things to pay attention to and simple fixes for the most common things that cause issues with set up.

About Us

Min & Jer

Mindy and Jerry Flanagan

After re-careering out of the training/career development field, Mindy, a San Diego native, was ready to make her avocation her vocation and she, together with her husband, Jerry, launched Tour Freely – a GPS audio tour company. Jerry’s passion for research and storytelling was aligned, given his background in medical research, which syncs up with his love of historical research, local culture and technology in creating the tours. Jerry was also raised in San Diego and then in Los Angeles areas and he has always appreciated the beauty and rich history of Southern California.

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Tour Freely also provides professional services to Southern California businesses. Contact us today.

Work with Us

Mindy and Jerry are excited to share local tours with curious like-minded “explorers.” Their first tour of the village of La Jolla went live at the end of November 2019 and the Sunset Strip and San Diego driving tours followed. Our Santa Barbara walking tour will launch in 2022!

As David Brooks refers to his book, The Second Mountain, Mindy and Jerry are gratefully climbing their “second mountain.” They believe in living life with the joie de vivre spirit and inspiring others to do same. They embarked on this career detour journey and they want to share their appreciation of the rich history and glory of the local communities. Together, they would be delighted to work with organizations located in Southern California.    

Services Offered: We welcome partnerships with all tourism-related organizations including hotels, restaurants, bike rental companies and sponsors of food, wine, art and music festivals. This partnership can be in the form of affiliate marketing, brand ambassadorships, blog articles, giveaways, social media promotions and/or other partnerships/collaborations.

If you would like to discuss how we can work together, please email us at mindy@TourFreely.com.