Delight Your Customers with a Walking Audio Tour

Customer Acquisition

Customer Retention

TourFreely attracts locals and tourists to the village (and eventually to Bird Rock and La Jolla Shores) who use our affordable tour to appreciate the history, sights and culture of California’s Riviera. Unlike other guided tours, our GPS guided tour allows travelers to visit shops, galleries, restaurants and, in fact, any business while pausing the tour then picking it back up after making a stop.  The tour can also be used as a give-away to differentiate your products and services from your competitors.

Our TourFreely tours can be used as a very affordable way to reward your customers and ensure their continued loyalty to your business. The convenience of downloading the app and starting the tour right outside your business means the customer does not have to seek out other more expensive options and keeps them in the neighborhood. And you can buy the tours in bulk and distribute them to existing or potential customers to show your appreciation for their loyalty.