About the La Jolla Tour

Curious about La Jolla’s backstory? Lace up your sneakers. It’s time to soak in the glory and magnificence of La Jolla by immersing yourself in the story, history and architecture of this sun-kissed seaside community.
If you’re visiting Southern California, you don’t want to miss this location-based audio tour. Take in the feel, allure and romance of this coastal paradise. Put on your earbuds and stroll the streets of the downtown village of La Jolla with this GPS tour as your guide. You can Tour Feely – stop and start at your leisure.
Go back in time to discover fascinating fun facts about La Jolla’s early days. Discover the influence of Ellen Browning Scripps and view historical sites designed by architect Irving Gill. Take in an expansive vista from a tucked-away historic observation deck. See and hear the seals and sea lions barking at the Children’s Pool. (Tour in the spring during pupping season!) See Dr. Seuss original artworks along the way! Finish up swinging by the La Valencia Hotel, where Hollywood luminaries like Gregory Peck and Dorothy Maguire stayed and have a delicious Whaler drink at the bar.

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