Discover Sunset strip's landmarks on a
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Santa Barbara State Street

Explore at your own pace using your cell phone while you walk and discover Sunset strips history and landmarks

Say goodbye to expensive tour guides and crowded tourist spots. With Tour Freely, you can explore the hidden gems of The Sunset Strip in Hollywood at your own pace using just your cell phone. Our audio guide offers a unique perspective on the history and culture, making for an unforgettable Hollywood experience.

Tour highlights

  • The Whisky-A-Go-Go where legendary Rock 'n Roll acts like The Doors got their start
  • The former grocery store that Johnny Depp bought and converted to a popular nightclub and where Joaquin Phoenix’s brother, River Phoenix, died
  • The nightclub where Judy Garland and Jackie Gleason were discovered
  • Where John Belushi had his last meal and spent his final hours
  • The hotel where Led Zeppelin rode a motorcycle down a hallway and the Rolling Stones threw a TV out the window
  • The nightclub where Frank Sinatra made his debut as a solo act
  • The Hotel to the Stars that was home to Robert DeNiro, Keanu Reeves, Scarlet Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey
  • The nightclub where Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz filmed their Tropicana nightclub act for the “I Love Lucy” show
  • The restaurant where Marilyn Monroe went on her first blind date with Joe DiMaggio

Explore the sunset strip at your own pace.

Experience the most interesting and unique places in hollywood

Say goodbye to crowds and long lines by using your cell phone as a personal tour guide.

No more waiting around for tour guides or following strict schedules

Our tour is designed to take you to the most interesting and unique places on Sunset Boulevard, all while providing you with informative and entertaining commentary via our easy-to-use app.

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  • A link will be included in both that will take you to either the Apple App store or Google Play store to download the free VoiceMap app
  • A “Voucher Code” will also be included that you can use on VoiceMap to download the tour to your phone.
  • You then follow directions to the starting point to begin the tour.
  • Have Fun!

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