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Tour Freely offers cutting-edge GPS walking, and driving experiences for self-guided adventures.

When you join a walking or driving tour, you normally join a group. That group assembles at specific times and moves at the pace the tour guide dictates. You lose the joy of the freedom to be spontaneous on the tour.

La Jolla Walking Tour: Must-see Sights with a La Jolla Local

Immerse yourself in the history and architecture of La Jolla, California’s version of The French Riviera that’s also known as the Jewel City. On this walking tour, I’ll tell you the backstory of the city, highlighting details about this sun-kissed seaside community that most visitors miss..

San Diego Driving Tour: Must-see Scenic Sights with a San Diego Local

San Diego embodies the fabled, coastal California lifestyle, welcoming guests with picture-perfect weather and an unexpected range of things to see and do. Buckle up because on this driving tour, we’ll give you the inside scoop into why San Diego is known as “America’s Finest City.” We’ll share its illustrious Spanish colonial history and tell you how the city was almost named San Miguel.

Santa Barbara Scenic Walking Tour: The Ultimate Guide to Iconic Landmarks

Find out if Santa Barbara really is California’s answer to the French Riviera on this walking tour through the idyllic seaside city. With perfect weather almost year-round, a relaxed lifestyle and fascinating history, it’s easy to see why many Hollywood celebrities and music stars reside here. Follow your wanderlust as you stroll through the heart of downtown Santa Barbara where I’ll show you its legendary landmarks, historic hotels and finest architectural achievements.

Santa Barbara State Street
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Based on real Reviews

Tour Freely made my trip to Orange County unforgettable. The driving tour was both educational and fun.

Emma Smith

I was pleasantly surprised by the immersive audio narration during the walking tour. Highly recommended!

John Davis

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