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The 3D Tour with and without Virtual Staging

Adobe Courtyard

Here is an example of service looking at the raw footage of a courtyard used for banquets and celebrations such as wedding ceremonies in Southern California. This is how it appears before applying our virtual staging service. The frames at the bottom will give you the same panoramic view from different positions in the courtyard.

Adobe Courtyard with Virtual Staging

With virtual staging, we can impart a realistic appreciation for how the venue will appear to prospective clients without having to await the setup for a celebration and having to deal with delays and strict time frames for when the site needs to be vacant for setup and shooting the site with our specialized equipment. 

Our Process can usually deliver the virtual tour within two weeks after terms are agreed to. The typical process goes something like this.

Shoot the Venue

Once the scope of work is agreed to, we will bring our specialized equipment to the site and shoot the entire location. This usually only takes a couple of hours.

Post-production Editing

This step usually takes the most time in order to meet the client's needs and can take multiple revisions.

Add Staging, Narration, and Points of Interest

If additional services are needed this may take a few more days. If the client site requires voice overs or staging or points of interest (e.g. a museum) then we can add that in this phase

Save and Publish Your Tour

Once complete, the tour is ready for prime time and can be shared on the client website and on social media to bring in more business

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