Santa Barbara’s beginnings: a walking tour from Alameda Park to Stearns Wharf

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Our tour begins at the intersection of East Micheltorena Street and Santa Barbara Street where two city parks border three corners and an apartment complex sits on the 4th corner. Stand on the corner where two low, concrete pillars sit on either side of an asphalt walkway that takes visitors into the middle of the park. As you look at the apartment across the street, you will start the tour by turning left to walk on the sidewalk bordering the park.

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Find out if Santa Barbara really is California’s answer to the French Riviera on this walking tour through the idyllic seaside city. With perfect weather almost year-round, a relaxed lifestyle and fascinating history, it’s easy to see why many Hollywood celebrities and music stars reside here. Follow your wanderlust as you stroll through the heart of downtown Santa Barbara where I’ll show you its legendary landmarks, historic hotels and finest architectural achievements.

5 reviews for Santa Barbara’s beginnings: a walking tour from Alameda Park to Stearns Wharf

  1. Rick

    Nice day in Santa Barbara
    I enjoyed listening to the audio tour. It was very clear and was easy to listen to. The history was abundant. I had no clue.
    However I’m from San Luis Obispo, and our town is pronounced San Loois, Not San Loowy.
    A few other comments. When starting the tour, there is a public restroom in the park should be noted. It was very easy to follow the route.

  2. Camille S.

    I learned so much about Santa Barbara; Great Audio Tour!
    I enjoyed how the tour was laid out in such an easier to follow manner, and the history on the churches, theaters and other points of reference was enlightening and I learned so much about Santa Barbara, I did not know, and that you end at the scenic and happening Stearns Wharf was great!

  3. Melinda S.

    Tour Freely in Santa Barbara
    Very interesting and informative experience. The tour covers the town’s history and takes you to many points of interest throughout. If a particular site bears more investigation, or you just need a break, it is easy to pause the tour and resume at any time. Definitely recommend it!

  4. Anonymous Explorer

    Great tour! Easy to install on both laptop and iPhone. Extremely informative with places and sites I would’ve missed if I hadn’t had this App. Definitely going tell my friends and family. Thx VoiceMap!

  5. Anonymous Explorer

    Very interesting tour covering multiple sites of interest. Visitors to Santa Barbara will enjoy walking, listening and stopping easily anywhere along the way. The app is easy to manage. Thanks Tour Freely!

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