The Sunset Strip: Playground of Rockers, Mobsters and Hollywood Celebrities

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$9.99 Reg. Price. Start at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Heights Boulevard on the southeast corner where you see the CVS and Trader Joe’s signs. Look for the stairs up to shopping where the address is 8000 Sunset Boulevard. Parking can be difficult, but you can find paid parking in the neighborhood. Several Metro Bus lines stop at this intersection (#2, #218) and the N Fairfax Ave intersection a couple of blocks to the east (#780, #217).

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The Sunset Strip is a legendary part of Tinseltown’s glamour scene. In under a century, this street went from an unpaved road in an unpopulated, unincorporated town to an artery at the centre of the modern-day entertainment and music business. Join us as we bring its history to life on this walk along Sunset Boulevard between Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Our audio tour begins at the location where old Hollywood stars like Judy Garland and Orson Welles gathered to eat hamburgers and drink milkshakes. It ends near Laurel Canyon, the epicenter of the folk and rock music revolution of the turbulent 60s and 70s. Along the way, you’ll see film locations for popular movies like Get Shorty, Scarface and Annie Hall while also visiting sites where the entertainment industry’s biggest events took place.

Highlights include visits to iconic places such as:

• The restaurant where Marilyn Monroe went on her first blind date with Joe DiMaggio
• Where John Belushi had his last meal and spent his final hours
• The nightclub where Frank Sinatra made his debut as a solo act
• The hotel where Led Zeppelin rode a motorcycle down a hallway and the Rolling Stones threw a TV out the window
• The nightclub where Judy Garland and Jackie Gleason were discovered
• The “Hotel to the Stars” that was home to Robert DeNiro, Keanu Reeves, Scarlet Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey
• The nightclub where Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz filmed their Tropicana nightclub act for the “I Love Lucy” show
• The former grocery store that Johnny Depp bought and converted to a popular nightclub and where Joaquin Phoenix’s brother, River Phoenix, died

Feel free to stop along the way to appreciate the history, the food and the entertainment that the rich and famous have appreciated for so many decades. You can always pick the tour back up when you are ready to start again.

3 reviews for The Sunset Strip: Playground of Rockers, Mobsters and Hollywood Celebrities

  1. Anonymous Explorer

    It was cool, it was hip, it was dense, it was good leaded. loved it.
    just one minor point: a lot of names are known as hearing, but i would loved some context (pictures, originale tone, biography aspects?, collaborations with others?) to have a deeper emotional connections to sooo many special places. and i was said when i realised after the tour who was this name i could not put in context or what happened at this certain place.

    but really loved the pop references that explain who did what and who was who. a little bit.more would help the newbies 😀

    thanks for your great offers

  2. Anonymous Explorer

    I found the walking tour, research and commentary provided fascinating! Especially for just $10! I learned so much about old Hollywood and locations on the Sunset Strip I knew nothing about before this tour.

  3. Camille S.

    I loved this Tour! I had no idea how much intriguing celebrity history was in so many places on the Sunset Strip. Such as that Tropicana Club from I love Lucy Show was actually located right on the Sunset Strip. Or that the Tower Records building was the first high rise in LA and so much more. It’s Amazing that you can be walking down a street even a very famous street and have no real idea what celebrity history existed in the buildings, unless it’s labeled on the outside for you. Kudos to Mindy for distinctive commentary and research to bring so much to life as you walk down Sunset Blvd.

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