Get Fit on a Walking Tour Using a Smartwatch: Apple 3 vs. 2 Chinese Imports

Get Apple Watch Functionality for a Fraction of the Price

Burxoe: A great deal if the cost is an issue. Apple 3: Very high satisfaction rating but high price tag too. Yamay: A decent alternative to Burxoe but functionality limited.

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Burxoe watch
Apple 3 smartwatch

Tour Freely Rating

I walked our La Jolla: The Riviera of California tour last weekend and monitored the activity with the Burxoe smartwatch. It links to my Android phone with the AdorHealth app and offers a comprehensive view of the data that is very impressive. I prefer the round face of the watch and there are dozens of watch face designs to choose from and the fitness options are so numerous that you will probably never be able to use all of them. Blood oxygen is new to the Apple line of smartwatches and is only available in the Apple 6 which will set you back over $400 but it is available on the Burxoe watch. 

Our top pick of the three is the Burxoe smartwatch because we think it is a great value for the price and 72% of Amazon users give it 5 stars. The Apple 3 is very highly regarded by Amazon users though and with 88% of 48,373 users giving it 5 stars, it should be a serious consideration for those interested. My wife Mindy owns the Yamay smartwatch and she is happy with it but she didn’t realize the fitness features were as limited compared to my Burxoe but with 77% of users giving it a 4 or 5 star rating, it may be worth consideration. 

The bottom line is that a GPS audio tour can serve as a great way to get out and enjoy the highlights of the area while also tracking your fitness with a smartwatch and keeping your social distance during these challenging times. may earn referral commissions resulting from purchases of products or services recommended on this website

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