4 Hotels Near La Jolla Cove for Less than $225 per Night

     Highly Rated and Steps from Our Tour Starting Point

Our La Jolla: The Riviera of California tour is approximately 2 miles in length and takes about 45 minutes to complete. It is the perfect walking tour for sightseeing in the downtown village and is very convenient for those who want to stay nearby and take in the sights while enjoying the beauty and conveniences that the community offers. So, we wanted to do a comparison of 4 nearby hotels with the more budget-conscious visitors in mind in order to maximize the experience without having to stay in accommodations that would require a drive and battling the parking problems in order to take the tour. Our criteria were to stay within the $225 price per night or less and with a quality rating on Booking.com of seven points or higher We came up with 4 hotels within a walking distance of 20 minutes of Eddie V’s restaurant which is the original site of the Green Dragon Colony and the starting point of the tour.

There were very few key variables we need to explain before we share the results of the analysis.

  • We priced a three-night weekend stay arriving Friday and departing Monday morning in mid-October 2020. The average price per night is listed in the table below.
  • The Booking.com rating for the hotel was used to calculate the dollars per point for the three nights thus allowing for a comparison of the quality costs for each property.
  • Parking was rarely included for these hotels and the cost is also listed and should be included in deciding the final cost of the stay.
  • Breakfast is not always included either but a few of the properties have on-site restaurants or restaurants that are very close by.
  • We also list the distance of the property from our tour starting point at the Eddie V’s and the Green Dragon Colony which is a good proxy for the distance from many of the restaurants and tourist attractions including the La Jolla Cove beach.
  • Our assumption is for 2 adults staying for the three nights and two of the properties allow for three or more to sleep. The Redwood Hollow Cottages is a vacation rental property that can accommodate up to four guests.

The map here traces the tour along Prospect St and the coast, and we have highlighted the locations of these four hotels as well.

La Jolla Hotels
La Jolla tour route with 4 hotel locations

LJ Cove Suites

4 mins to Tour Start
$ 158 Per Night
  • Queen Bed
  • 7.6 Rating
  • $62/Point
  • Parking $25
  • Breakfast

Inn by the Sea

10 mins to Tour Start
$ 162 Per Night
  • King Bed
  • 8.5 Rating
  • $57/Point
  • Parking $15
  • Breakfast
1st Choice

Redwood Hollow

20 mins to Tour Start
$ 200 Per Night
  • Queen+Sofa
  • 9.1 Rating
  • $66/Point
  • Parking No
  • Breakfast
2nd choice

Grande Colonial Inn

8 mins to Tour Start
$ 222 Per Night
  • 2 Queens
  • 9.0 Rating
  • $74/Point
  • Parking $30
  • Breakfast

Since we are focusing this comparison for the budget traveler, by our assessment the Inn by the Sea is the top choice for a weekend stay in the village. Although not the least affordable property, it does have a higher rating on booking.com and the cost per point is lower than the less expensive La Jolla Cove Suites. Overnight parking is only $15, they include breakfast and the tour starting point is only 10 minutes away. The second choice is the Redwood Hollow Cottages which has the highest Booking.com rating at 9.1 and includes a queen bed and a sofa bed for extra guests. They do not provide parking and street parking can be a challenge here at the end of Prospect St but once the car is positioned nearby then most everything should be within walking distance (and you’ll save up to $90 in parking charges). Breakfast is not included but being a vacation rental, there is a kitchen where you can bring your own groceries and provide your own meals, plus many restaurants are nearby. It is a 20-minute walk to the tour starting point that is actually close to the beach. We do suggest reading the comments on Booking.com because you may glean important info there that this comparison does not cover. 

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