Pandemic Causes a Scramble for Coronavirus-Safe Outdoor Experiences

Americans are Discovering New Cures for Cabin Fever

The more you lock people down the more they want to bust out! Ralph Waldo Emerson told us to, “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air”. The COVID-19 lock down has brought on a yearning for the fresh wild air and according to a survey conducted by CGPR, a consumer active lifestyle agency, since Americans have been mandated to shelter in place, over 82% discovered outdoor experiences for the first time.

Assoc. Prof. Marc Berman, a University of Chicago psychologist, has studied how environmental factors can affect the brain and behavior and according to him, “nature is not an amenity—it’s a necessity. We need to take it seriously”. As Americans scramble for new forms of pandemic safe outdoor entertainment, there is an explosion of interest in outdoor experiences, such as cycling, e-biking and RVing. Individuals are also discovering the joys of high-tech fun like GPS audio walking tours. Tour Freely creates GPS audio walking tours of captivating Southern California destinations and we found that individuals are now seeking self-directed outdoor experiences where they are in control of physical distancing.

Tour Freely offers these immersive outdoor experiences with two California GPS tours: One in La Jolla and one in West Hollywood. The tours share an appreciation for the history, heritage, and lifestyle of these enchanting destinations. Each tour is available at and on Trip Advisor and you can download the tours to your cell phone from either site. The La Jolla tour is titled, “La Jolla: The Riviera of California” and was recently featured in the La Jolla Light newspaper. It’s a storytelling experience taking in the allure of La Jolla, and as one user/explorer recently commented, An overall enjoyable walking tour that offers insightful way points and top-notch scenery leaving you wanting to hear and see more. Highly recommend.”

The Sunset Strip tour is titled, “The Sunset Strip: Playground for Rockers, Mobsters and Hollywood Celebrities.”  It is a storytelling experience taking you through the legendary part of the Tinseltown glamour scene and is a hotbed of the modern-day entertainment and music business.

The affordable tours are only $4.99 for La Jolla and $5.99 for Sunset Strip. Tour Freely encourages those with cabin fever to lace up your sneakers, drink in some California sunshine and enjoy exploring. Can getting out in the fresh air be a form of an anti-depressant? You bet – It turns out it can be potent happiness booster and Tour Freely is delighted to help!

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